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Overlooked Creations Inc. is here to help the community find and keep Economic Empowerment . 

About Us

Our staff & volunteers

 The Director/CFO is Ms. Ann Lovett . She has a BS in Human Service from  Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia . Also earned a Substance Abuse Counselor Assistant Certificate, AAS in Public Administration / Human Service from TNCC and a life coach and entrepreneur . Our CEO is  Mr. Jamal D. Rhymes a Life Coach , Motivation Speaker, and  Entrepreneur . 

Youth Advocate  is Mr. Shawn Watts and the Proud Coach of the little league football team in East Orange, New Jersey . Our mentor/program coordinator/ counselor is Mr. Kerwin Delva proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. of the Lambda Chi Chapter, BA in Sociology at Bloomfield College .Keisha  Melton is the Secretary with a BA from Elizabeth University  in Accountant and a State Licensed Social Worker . Gracie Lee Morris Byrd has a BA in  Media Production from AIU and she is our Media Production  Specialist and a 19 year veteran of the United States Army. Desia Byrd is our #1 volunteer .

Our history

Two Grassroots Serenity Creations and Project Overlooked  joined together to help the community find and build Economic Empowerment . Overlooked Creations Inc. Helps hard to employ people become employed or business owners and also help young woman overcome past trauma and finding their purpose and achieving their dreams  and assist individuals with housing issues though our Transition Program and community resources . Overlooked Creations Inc. is a 501(c) 3 Nonprofit Organization located in Atlanta, Georgia . Overlooked Creations provides food pantry to insure food security , personal items to the community and help from all stages of rebuilding with life coaching and community resources  ! 

Our mission

Overlooked Creations Inc. mission is to provide Economic Empowerment to the community though Life Coaching and Community Resources. Project Overlook Department  focus is to encourage ex-felons attempting to turn there yesterday's into professional and profitable tomorrows. Facilitating them to a responsible and successful re-entry . Also assisting Fathers hoping for positive involvement in their children lives and briefing young men on parenthood. Serenity Creations Department focus is young women that want to tell their story and become authors and also want to explore their Entrepreneur side and become business owners . Email address :  overlookedcreationss@gmail.com 

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities to volunteer at SunTrust Stadium and Mercedes Benz's and Nascar Sign up to volunteer with Overlooked Creations Inc. Help the community and learn a new trade and add to your college applications. Court Ordered Community Service can be completed also .

Looking for Talent and Vendors for Events

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Life shows up 24 hours a day so if you need Overlooked Creations we are here .

Overlooked Creations Inc.

Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia 30311, United States

(678) 852-1090/973-444-7833


Thursday~ Food Pantry 9am- 1pm

Saturday ~Food Pantry 9am-1pm 

Sunday ~  Food Pantry 9 am -1pm 

Monday-Friday call for Resources 9 am - 5 pm